Upcoming Events and News

Nursery closure due to Covid-19 pandemic

We will be closed until we are told that we can open by the government in line with their lockdown guidelines.

Our telephone and email are still being manned. So you can still get in touch

We will soon post an introduction video on our website as a way of doing a virtual taster of a show round.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram accounts to get ideas of things to do with your children during Lockdown.

Ascot and Windsor care home visits suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic

Even though we can't visit we have been staying in touch by sending pictures and drawings. we will be encouraging families to keep this up during family isolation as it makes their day receiving such things in the post.



Staff Training

We are very grateful to the 8 staff across the two setting that have just completed a Cache Level 2 qualification in Understanding Children and Young People's Mental Health. We believe strongly in helping the children to be resilient. It is reflected in our policies and procedures so all the staff are redoing their resiliency skills training in February.