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             Session                                                  Price


             Full Day 8am – 6.30pm                     £86.00 per day

             Morning (8am-1pm)                          £55 per session

             Afternoon (1.30-6.30pm)                 £55 per session

             Full Week                                              £420 per week

             Extra Full Day                                      £86 per day

             Extra Morning or Afternoon            £55 per session

             Extra time by arrangement             £9 per hour

Our fees include wipes, snacks and meals (Lunch and Tea).


They are chargeable 51 weeks of the year regardless of sickness, holidays and bank holidays. We do not charge for one week a year as we are closed between 24th Dec and New Years day bank holiday.


Monthly fees are calculated by multiplying the weekly fee by 51 weeks then dividing it by 12 months.


We offer a 10% discount for the eldest sibling when both children attend for two full days or more.


Please ask management for a sheet to show the fees when applying funding as fees vary depending on how many hours of funding you use at our setting. We stretch the funding over the 51 weeks we are open and do not offer term time only spaces.

We only offer a limited amount of mornings and afternoon sessions per room.


To reserve a space at Edith Rose you need to pay a non refundable deposit of a month’s full fees. This is put on your account and used towards your fees straight away.

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