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Edith Rose Nurseries have been providing childcare in Ascot and Windsor for more than 30 years. Both settings are small-scale enabling our team of expert childcare professionals to give their undivided attention to each child to the benefit of their development.

We work towards the Early Years Foundation Stage inspiring the children to learn using their natural curiosity. We treat each child as an individual, using their interests and learning requirements in order to tailor activities and opportunities which will encourage their development while having fun. We equip them with the skills to become confident and independent young people.

The rooms are set out and resourced to provide a good learning environment in which the children are stimulated to explore and play both independently and alongside others with the knowledge that staff are always on hand to step in and offer support when required. The provocations to play are set up to allow the children to freely play, experiment and practice the skills that they have recently been taught. Children are encouraged to think and problem solve themselves with staff helping by asking appropriate open ended questions.

The emphasis is on having fun and creating memories that the children can take with them and cherish for years to come.

For more in-depth information on Edith Rose Nurseries in Ascot or Windsor click here!


You can find our Ofsted report for Ascot or Windsor


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